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about my Life Coaching Company

Beauty in the Mirah LLC. is a Life Coaching company that equips broken women with the tools to become whole. As a result; women are healing and becoming better versions of themselves, and are operating at their highest levels in life! 

Who do you know? That is ready to Shed the layers of pain and become the beautiful versions of themselves that you were always meant to be?


Author & Life Coach

Shamirah is not only a Certified Life Coach but also an Author. Her latest Book titled "Beauty in the Mirah" is a memoir that depicts real events in her life. Shamirah opens up and speaks about her abandonment issues, feelings of rejection, depression, anxiety, low self worth, and an emotionally strenuous marriage that ultimately led to a divorce. She is very transparent about her trials in hopes to inspire other women who may be facing the same issues. 

Instead of becoming a victim to her circumstances Shamirah knew she needed a change and a renewing of her mind, so she strengthened her relationship with God and began to find inner peace. Through manipulation from someone she loved dearly Shamirah found herself in a therapist office. Though the intentions were not pure from the person who led her there. Meeting her therapist and attending her sessions became one of the biggest blessings in Shamirah's Life.With God on her side and weekly therapy sessions. Shamirah began to grow as a woman. She began to see clearly, and all the wombs began to heal. 


As she continued on her healing journey and gained inner strength. God laid it on her heart to become a Life Coach to not only tell her story of how she overcame her hardships, but to also to show others the way out as well. Beauty in the Mirah LLC. was birthed from Pain. But Shamirah learned to face her fears and celebrate her victories. She found power in her Own reflection, she finally embraced the Beauty in "MIRAH" & knew she was unstoppable. Her prayer is that when all women look at their reflection that they are able to see their own beauty as well. The Journey always leads to a Destination. God Bless.~ Mirah




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Our Services

Sand Dunes


The purpose of this FREE consultation is to customize a coaching journey that is specifically made for you! Together we will create a coaching plan that is tailor-made for your unique goals, desires and aspirations! Here at Beauty in the Mirah llc. We equip individuals with the tools to become whole and become better versions of themselves to operate at their highest levels in life!

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Sand Dunes

Beautiful New You

In this program you will encounter powerful self discoveries that will cause a paradigm shift. We will discuss your pain points and how to heal from them. This program is designed for self reflection, transformation, and leaving the past in the rear view mirror, allowing the beauty that is already inside of you to step out and become the  person you always desired to be!

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Shattered but not broken.

In this program we will be identifying word curses that have been spoken over your life and Breaking their power! Shattering the lies and mending them with Truth. Together we will explore your healthy new self discoveries and build on them to create the life that you want for yourself! And design a plan to turn your pain into Purpose!

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Mirah was a mother, and a wife trapped in an emotionally strenuous marriage with feelings of suicide, depression, and the frustration of dreams unfulfilled, that sent her sanity into chaos.

How did this Atlantic City Native transcend the darkness of her past to become a bestselling author and world renowned Life Coach' Follow the triumphant true life story of Shamirah Smith as she rises from pain like a rose from concrete and became the woman she was always meant to be.

No matter what life threw at her, she never forgot that there's always Beauty in the Mirah and hopes to inspire others to discover their own Beauty as well.

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